Yoko Seyama | Saiyah #2.3

Let the spectrum move slowly pass by

Yoko Seyama

Saiyah #2.3

“remind me of a moving sunbeam in a less of a living soul.”

Yoko Seyama –Saiyah #2.3 (creation 2017)
(Opening of “Unfolding Kafka Festival 2017”)
Dates: November 3 – 12, 2017
hours: 13:00 – 19:00 pm
Admission Fee: –
Type: Installation / Kinetic light sculpture

Ratchaburi, Thailand

I’m the person who knows nothing about Thailand and I’m ashamed of that for every time my foreign friend ask where to go in Thailand.
So my goal in these few years is to travel in Thailand as much as I could.
So here I’m in Ratchaburi to see these little monsters in the farm : )
I’ll write about places I’ve been when I have more time. It’s been a good start for me on this traveling around Thailand project.
I carried 3 film cameras on this trip to see the difference between them.  
Which are OLYMPUS [Mju] Zoom115, **Nikon **FM and the **Nikon **F-801.

Nikon FM

Just a broken Light meter, not a broken heart
The light meter is broken but pics that I’ve shot by estimated from a digital camera turn out pretty awesome.
And the Fuji film ISO 400 made the pics brighter than before. (Love it)

*Cam : Nikon FM *

*Lens : AF NIKKOR 50mm,  f/ 1.8 *
*Film : Fuji-400 *

OLYMPUS [Mju] Zoom115

The most convenient one of mine.

*Cam : Olympus μ [mju:] ZOOM115  [$25] *

Lens : 38-115mm
Film : Fuji-200  [$4.57]

Nikon F-801

Nikon F801 is an autofocus cam (It’s a digital film camera) which I had fun shooting with, especially shooting moving things.

Cam : Nikon F-801

Lens : AF NIKKOR 35-70mm,  f/3 – 4.5
Film : Kodak-200

Another step of me on my 24th

I’ve been promoted to “Data Analytics Manager”
Another big thing that happens to me in an age of 24 : )

From the very first position ‘Marketer & Merchandiser’ in Saha Group.
to A.E. in an advertising agency.
to Marketing Planner as a Freelance.
to the world of Data as a Data analyst in the 2nd year of working.
to now ‘Data Analytics Manager’. I’m so Excited!
And so over the moon of what I’m doing.

Another step for me to grow up. New role, more responsibility. I still think I’m not ready for this role yet but if not now, when? This will push me to growing up eventually. If I’m waiting for the readiness, when will I gonna step out, right? It’s been a week now and I’m so exciting to have my first subordinator and my own team : )

When I look back, I think I’ve walked a long and unusual way to be right here. Like some quote that “The only time you should ever look back is to see how far you’ve come” and I’m surprise every time I look back for the changing point of my life, It’s happen every time I’ve make a wired decision like quit the job and go travel alone aboard without plan in that same day. I’ve come quite far from the day I’m in the box but still not far enough.

24 years on earth now and there are still so much more in this world for me to know, to learn and grow.
“I just hope that I’m gonna be crazy enough to do something worth this life”



Inspiration of the food art

Talking about my inspiring of the food art. It’s years back when I found the magazine about folks making meals and having dinner together. Said that the magazine was first made only among their friends, but later as it can outstandingly present the beauty and art of food through that mag. It becomes famous so that they started published the magazine last year. the name is “Kinfolk” (my first issue is the 3rd volume that I bought this month in 2012 from the internet since there aren’t nowhere to buy here in Thailand). I love the feeling when reading it. Imagine having a good food you have well prepared and cooked together among your love folks under the big tree in the sunny day. Sometimes I miss my mom’s food when reading it though hers doesn’t look even close to theirs but I can feel something in common. And yes, it kind of cost but can’t help, I working hard then my life need some inspiration too ; )

food art reference

mithuna27 food art ref kinfolk (1) mithuna27 love food art (1) kinfolk-table mithuna27 foodart 20130915-144056 2f52496a40df064c9aa73d8e1d7c0d4f 29dab9bc57d5559fddd62d931c2eb91e

Cr. colorspaceartandimaging.com, powells.com,  Pinterest

The Art Of Savouring & Food Art

The Art of Savouring is about experiencing simple things in life through our five human senses: vision, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. Amid the current busy lifestyles, one should get a chance to enjoy the small moments to savour beautiful experiences through their senses.
– theartofsavouring.com

Since I falling hard for the aesthetic appreciation of food, or I may call it ‘food art’ for years, Now my dream comes true. I’ve been doing the marketing for one dessert brand, and by this I appoint ‘me’ to be a producer and the Food stylist myself. (cuz there is just me, me and me, and the cost of professional food stylist and a producer is quite expensive).The food art is not just the visualize it is all about making it, just like fine art. Finding great ingredients, well prepared, the unique tip for each person (the part I was most having fun to know) to make the texture, the smell, the taste good and remarkable : )


I love the grain that this camera gave,

So classic. (Maybe it because of the film too -Juji200). This is the first roll ever since I’ve got this classic rangefinder (the 80’s).
I really wanna shoot in the low light with the flash. Will do it as soon as I get the flash
And next time I’ll try the Velvia 50 slide film.OLYMPUS XA2 review 1

OLYMPUS XA2 review 2 OLYMPUS XA2 review 3 OLYMPUS XA2 review 4 OLYMPUS XA2 review 5 OLYMPUS XA2 review 6 OLYMPUS XA2 review 7 OLYMPUS XA2 review 8 OLYMPUS XA2 review 9

– shooting info 📷 –

Cam : Olympus XA2
Lens :35mm f/3.5
Power: Two S76 cells

Film : Fuji-200 [4.57$ @Thailand]