Go out and shoot!

Haven’t had time to shoot for a while.
So I think this is the time to take the cameras in the box out and let them work a bit.

We walk around the ‘Talad noi’ area and shooting non-stop.
I have to admit that to have a good model I enjoy taking the photo more.
Maybe this is my first time having a proper model and she did a really great job on that.

Well, I think this pic looks cinematic.
She look just like a girl who’s thinking about her crush,
so I put a Chinese subtitle into it and it’s turn out to be a part of a period romance movie scene. Don’t you think so?

“You had me at hello.” 🌹

And From now on, It’s going to be a Kodak UltraMax 400
So no wonder that the pic are in a clearer tone.

And of course, The last one below is from ‘Nishika N9000’
The 3d film camera that I’ve shot for 2nd time.
Haven’t get familiar with it yet..

So that’s all of today’s film story : )
Hope you enjoy.


Korea : 35mm

It was my 2nd time in Korea. I was with my long-lost friend, Mojo. We didn’t do many things and didn’t go to many places. But what do I need more if I have my best friend and a good beer? Two things I need the most at this moment.

Lately, I feel like five thousand things are running into my mind at the same time.
I’m getting too attached to things I believe. Worried about what will I be. Then I realized that we aren’t designed to stick to only one path. Humans are free flowing, always moving, always changing. One moment we can be so happy and the next we can be so hopeless. As are our beliefs, feeling and everything else.

I shouldn’t force everything to be exactly like what I believe. I’ll stop being fear of the unpredictable future. I’ll stop making an excuse. I’ll Be brave, be bold and at the same time, be humble. I’m not ready for 2017 yet, But I’ll do my best. Let’s see what else I could be.

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shooting info :
*Cam : Olympus μ [mju:] ZOOM115 *
Lens : 38-115mm
Film : Fuji-xtra-400

Ratchaburi, Thailand

I’m the person who knows nothing about Thailand and I’m ashamed of that for every time my foreign friend ask where to go in Thailand.
So my goal in these few years is to travel in Thailand as much as I could.
So here I’m in Ratchaburi to see these little monsters in the farm : )
I’ll write about places I’ve been when I have more time. It’s been a good start for me on this traveling around Thailand project.
I carried 3 film cameras on this trip to see the difference between them.  
Which are OLYMPUS [Mju] Zoom115, **Nikon **FM and the **Nikon **F-801.

Nikon FM

Just a broken Light meter, not a broken heart
The light meter is broken but pics that I’ve shot by estimated from a digital camera turn out pretty awesome.
And the Fuji film ISO 400 made the pics brighter than before. (Love it)

*Cam : Nikon FM *

*Lens : AF NIKKOR 50mm,  f/ 1.8 *
*Film : Fuji-400 *

OLYMPUS [Mju] Zoom115

The most convenient one of mine.

*Cam : Olympus μ [mju:] ZOOM115  [$25] *

Lens : 38-115mm
Film : Fuji-200  [$4.57]

Nikon F-801

Nikon F801 is an autofocus cam (It’s a digital film camera) which I had fun shooting with, especially shooting moving things.

Cam : Nikon F-801

Lens : AF NIKKOR 35-70mm,  f/3 – 4.5
Film : Kodak-200

London 35mm

This is my very first time here and a very first time using my new baby, The Olympus mju (LIMITED EDITION), the super point and shoot film camera. Though after shooting 4 rolls, I lost this camera and some rolls of film on the tube. (Oh, also my Fuji XT10, 2 lenses, passport and much more). It definitely caused me a big trouble but yeah… that’s my faults. I couldn’t blame anyone. I just have to accept the true and move on. Won’t let bad things ruin the good. It’s just like these film pictures. Though some of them are out of focus and blur, some are so amazing and vivid like a rainy feeling of LONDON in my memory.

Flowers at Shoreditch LONDON ดอกไม้ที่ย่านชอร์ดิช-ลอนดอน
Wall painting at Shoreditch LONDON - paint กำแพง ที่ย่านชอร์ดิช-ลอนดอน Architecture in London-with-film-camera-olympus-mju-ตึกสวยๆในลอนดอน-โดยกล้องฟิล์ม10 View from the London bus-with-film-camera-olympus-mju-รถบัสสองชั้นที่ลอนดอน-โดยกล้องฟิล์ม10 LFA-Accommodation-London-film-academy-ที่พักนักเรียนที่ลอนดอน LFA-Accommodation-London-film-academy-ที่พักนักเรียนที่ลอนดอน Shake Shack burger in Covent market London เบอร์เกอร์เชคแชค London icecream - ไอศครีมตัก ที่ลอนดอน Camdenlock London - อีกตลาดที่ควรไปในลอนดอน shot Portobello road market in Double exposure with film camera -olympus-mju-ถ่ายภาพซ้อนในลอนดอน-โดยกล้องฟิล์ม shot Portobello road market in Double exposure with film camera -olympus-mju-ถ่ายภาพซ้อนในลอนดอน-โดยกล้องฟิล์ม2 London first roll of film - รูปหัวม้วนฟิล์ม

12407503_1064596833571370_1548180414_nshooting info 📷: (The one on the top in the picture above)
  • Cam : Olympus μ [mju:] (LIMITED) /Silver [[email protected]]*
  • Lens : 35mm, f/3.5*
  • Film : Fuji-200 [4.57$ @Thailand]*

Through the point n shoot | ICELAND

Too cold, too good.


We drive, we eat, we eat, we drive.

When looking out from the side rental car further to the endless landscape.
I ask myself “what does it feel like being here.”
but there was just the silence answered back.
I stayed even calmer than the super long road trip in Leh-Ladakh.
The peace inside was more apparent than ever.



Norway at night. The moment like this really got me.
It’s cold outside. People come to the cafe and take their jacket off. Sit and talk with warm coffee or a glass of beer in their hands.

shooting info 📷:

*Cam : Olympus μ [mju:] ZOOM115  [$25 @Thailand] *
Lens : 38-115mm
Film : Fuji-200  [$4.57 @Thailand]

Macau 2015

Celebrating my 2016 New year at Macau & Japan this year.
I fall in love with Macau already which I really don’t know why?
Maybe I fall for the street at night, maybe I fall for the mood of Wong Kar-wai, maybe because of the food.
Or maybe I just love everywhere with you : )

Japan 2016

Japan’s new year is super quiet. Even the countdown night.
There were no firework or a big party that we can shout out loud. But I really like it indeed.
I woke up lazily in the late morning of the new year day somewhere in Tokyo. It was so peaceful.
Another day I took the train to Disneyland then took the bus to Osaka.

***shooting info : ***

*Cam : Olympus OM1 *
*Lens : 50mm,  f/1.4-16 *
*Film : Kodak-200 *


I love the grain that this camera gave,

So classic. (Maybe it because of the film too -Juji200). This is the first roll ever since I’ve got this classic rangefinder (the 80’s).
I really wanna shoot in the low light with the flash. Will do it as soon as I get the flash
And next time I’ll try the Velvia 50 slide film.OLYMPUS XA2 review 1

OLYMPUS XA2 review 2 OLYMPUS XA2 review 3 OLYMPUS XA2 review 4 OLYMPUS XA2 review 5 OLYMPUS XA2 review 6 OLYMPUS XA2 review 7 OLYMPUS XA2 review 8 OLYMPUS XA2 review 9

– shooting info 📷 –

Cam : Olympus XA2
Lens :35mm f/3.5
Power: Two S76 cells

Film : Fuji-200 [4.57$ @Thailand]